Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.
Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.

Activities and markets of Rhein-Tec Holding B.V.

Our homepage is currently under construction, but we would like to provide you with some basic information about our company.

Rhein-Tec Holding B.V. is committed to technological innovations as well as scientific companies and projects in Europe. The main focus is on geoscientific, environmental, medical and mechanical engineering and plant construction which has to resist extrmal impacts.

For this reason, Rhein-Tec B.V. primarily promotes technologies that serve the environment and species protection.
Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.
Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.

Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.
Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.

Companies and shareholdings of Rhein-Tec Holding B.V.

Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.
Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V. Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.

Rhein-Tec EME GmbH - Emerging Market Engineering develops plans, builds and operates mobile and semi-stationary facilities such as computer centres, hospitals, laboratories, communication systems and research facilities on the basis of standard containers or specially protected shelters, for use in remote regions or crisis areas.

No matter where you want to set up an infrastructure in the desert, the antarctic or on a research ship Rhein-Tec EME realizes and operates for you all the important components.

Medical Solutions on Prezi

Rhein-Tec HPC - high-performance computing develops and operates infrastructures for geosciences, medicine and tourism. With 8 data centers in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany, we connect scientists and researchers from all over the world.

We give researchers and companies the opportunity to exchange and analyze data in a secure network without having to use an insecure cloud platform.

Rhein-Tec HPC offers hosting of special medical applications such as automatic detection of aneurysms from 3D data sets and hosting of telemedical applications.

In the field of geoinformatics, our GeoFrameŽ offers the processing and distribution of information about worldwide events such as weather data, earthquakes, flight and ship movements and other types of information to calculate risks for various interested parties.

Rhein-Tec Datacenter Infrastructure on Prezi

The EORSC is an Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Centre based in Switzerland with outstations in the Netherlands and Serbia. The EORSC uses satellites and a global sensor network to explore climate change and the consequences of natural disasters and environmental pollution.

The EORSC collects data and information on the atmosphere, seismic activities, in the ocean or on land. This includes satellites and remote sensing data as well as in situ data. Coordinated and open Earth observations enable decision-makers around the world to better understand situations in order to develop more effective strategies and solutions.

Not only scientific data are analysed, but also geostrategic political and geo-social data, so it is also possible to identify correlations between natural and human factors.

Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V. Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.
Rhein-Tec GmbH , Rhein-Tec B.V.

Charity activities of Rhein-Tec

In addition to its own projects in the field of development aid and environmental protection, Rhein-Tec B.V. supports a wide variety of non-profit projects and organisations not only financially but also by providing resources.

We support projects in the following areas:

  • Environment and nature conservation
  • species protection
  • medicine
  • education

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